The Trophy Wife EP


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released July 7, 2015

Graham Albright- guitar, backing vocals
Andrew Rahm- drums
Kamen Ross- keys, backing vocals
Davidson Weston- bass, vocals

Additional backing vocals- Julia Cannon, Connor Gehlert

Producer/mixer- Andrew Rahm
Engineers- Sean Duffy, Andrew Rahm



all rights reserved


BILLY BALDWIN Boston, Massachusetts

"We are croc rock. Come on, everybody."

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Track Name: Vidivici 33
Impatiently unraveling your means
Insatiably astounded with what you see
Arranged in such a way thats out of touch
Pacing away when it doesn't matter much

Anxiously enamored with the time
You woke up late again and lost your mind
Engaged without the pleasantries of such
Creeping up on the dawning of a hunch

Signing up for the slay
Boot up the ol' deathray
Nothing left to say
I'm dying unknown
Doling out the doldrums
Gonna reap what I've sewn
Say it again
I'm dying unknown
That's what I said
I'm dying unknown

Mistakenly embraced behind the scenes
Defacing all encasing, you can't breathe
Despite of what was lost it turned out fine
Facing away from the heydays left behind
Track Name: Ways We Got Nauseous
So crowded, don't speak
Undoubtedly weak in my knees now
Sporadic tongue in cheek

Subconsciously tied
Tied up in this mess that has mobilized
Wash away with my pride

Nothing left to say
Living week to week

God fear whats long due
Got here with a strange looking point of view
Back with the old, through with the new

Nothing to do today
Living for the weekend

Oh hey
Let's rally for the long lost causes
Oh hey
Let's tally up the ways we got nauseous

Prepping periodic woes
Expressing until I'm over exposed
I'm the best thing since pelvis Presley
Is what I'm told

So loud, can't see
Unabashedly free from my TV set
Rest up without sleep

Nothing to do today
Nothing to do today
Living for the weekend

Oh hey
Let's rally for the long lost causes
Oh hey
Let's tally up the ways we got nauseous
Track Name: Showboat
Down pat
How’s that?
Frowned at?
How sad
The saddest sack’s sick of sucking up
The blackest cat gets the baddest luck

Mindfully idling
Second thoughts bring a new hesitation

Here comes the showboat

In purgatory with the burden of belief
Mistakes will come into light
A perfect story with an incoherent lead
Mistakes are coming to life

Mindlessly piloting
Reckoning loss left a blue inclination
Finally decisively decline

Here comes the bride
All dressed up to fight
Radiant and ruthless as the ravages of time

Here comes the showboat

Learn to fly or die out gracefully
Yearn to burn out in a balls-out fury
Run awry and try to run away clean
Try to love ever so slightly

Down pat
How’s that?
Wound back
Outta whack
The fattest dad gets the fattest son
The blackest cat gets the baddest luck